Apply for the yher Accelerator for women entrepreneurs. Deadline 22nd Sept (TODAY)


We believe the Future is African and Female. We know women are vibrant and vital architects of society. We know women are the best levers for change in our world. We also know female entrepreneurs need to be championed.

More women are pursuing entrepreneurship in Africa per capita than anywhere else in the world. For this reason, Spark* is conducting a continent-wide search to bring together an unrivaled group of 15 African Female Founders for its YHER AcceleratorFounders running high-impact ventures aimed at improving the lives and women and girls.

The Y-HER Accelerator Program is a powerful opportunity for passionate female impact entrepreneurs in Africa who are at the early stages of building businesses and organizations that exist to change the lives of women and girls in Africa.

If you are successful in your application, you will be training alongside some exceptional entrepreneurs. If you put forward an honest and authentic application and are selected, you will do great. If you haven’t, you may quickly find yourself out of your depth!

That said, remember that we are looking for early-stage ventures – we don’t expect you to have perfect answers to all the questions here just yet!


– has already launched a business that is making a difference in the lives of the women and girls in your community (by improving education, health, homes or creating good jobs)?

– wants to scale their venture to impact much more people? – is on a clear path to revenue?

Then click on this link: yher Accelerator application


APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 22nd September 2017

P.S: The application must be completed by the applicant themselves. While you may ask for guidance and support from others, the form must reflect your ideas and your passion, expressed in your own words. We will conduct a phone/SKYPE interview with you if you are shortlisted.


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MINDS Call for Applications: Youth Program in Elections and Governance for African Researchers

Deadline: 3 February 2017

The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) is inviting applicants from distinguished African researchers/ research institutions to conduct a baseline study on advocacy and engagement strategies to enhance youth participation in elections and governance in Africa.

The main objective of the baseline study is to provide an understanding of youth participation in elections and governance in Africa with the aim of clarifying the gaps to be filled or opportunities to be harnessed by MINDS in order to increase, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the meaningful participation of African youth in elections and governance.

Funding Information
• The all-inclusive budget for this study is thirty six thousand US dollars (USD 36 000).
• The engagement should take no longer than three (3) months.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Be a registered, compliant legal entity within at least one African country. (Applicable to organizations only not individual applicants).
• Have at least five (5) years’ individual or organizational experience conducting similar studies and/ or publishing academically acclaimed research on African youth, African elections and/or related fields.
• Have access to a diverse team (including but not limited to age, gender and geographic location/ exposure to the African continent).
• Be able to write and fluently present in English. The ability to collect data, write and present in other African languages especially French and/ or Arabic will be an advantage.
• Have a demonstrated track record of applying both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
• A demonstrated research track record or interest in governance in Africa, African youth or African economies will be an advantage.
• Be flexible to travel, should that be necessary. An extensive, accessible network across Africa e.g. offices in different African countries will be an advantage.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to submit an electronic expression of interest with the following documents:
• A research proposal outlining how the applicant would approach such research and the research methodology to be applied. The proposal should not be longer than ten (10) pages including annexures, appendices, and references.
• A preliminary timeline AND budget estimate based on the information provided above. Applicants must state clearly any assumptions they make in arriving at a preliminary timeline and budget.
• A detailed CV or organizational profile outlining leadership and ownership structures, values, research related awards/ achievements, any other work the individual/ organization is involved in, and contact details.
• A list of African youth-related published research citing the title of the published work, the name of the publication, the date of publication and any partners that worked on and/ or sponsored the publication.

Eligible Countries: Algeria, Angola, …., Gambia, Ghana, ……, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, ……………, Zimbabwe.

Dear Africa: 2017 shall be a great year

Dear Africa,

Happy New Year to anyone that might read this.

I sit here imagining how this year is going to build up and I am excited for you. Despite the many great challenges you face. There are also enormous opportunities for growth. And the great news is, there are MANY people who look forward to bringing you change.

In the year 2017, we shall work to bring them together. I wish you the very best mama. You shall rise.


Dear Africa Project


…something to share about the potential and opportunities in Africa…

When I was a little kid, I remember that the best of everything was in America or in Europe. The tallest buildings, the largest companies and the most extravagant display of wealth were all European or American based. As such, the voices of these Nations were like the voices of big brother and when they said jump, we simply asked how high. When they insisted that certain Nations undertake Structural Adjustment Programs in order to continue receiving aid, the countries implemented the programs (which destroyed many of their economies) without asking questions. It was everyone’s dream to visit Europe and America and people would line up as early as 4am to get visa interview dates which would be two months away just to be able to visit these wonderlands.

Now fast forward and something seems to have changed drastically. A wind seems to have blown across the world. The tallest building in the world is in Dubai. The tallest hotel is in Dubai. The world’s biggest investors are now emerging from China. The world’s largest sovereign wealth funds are in places like Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and places that just a few years ago we hardly heard of and in a dramatic twist of fate, when you look at what is happening across Europe today with the unemployment and crumbling economies they are reminiscent of a lot of Africa in the eighties.

While this is going on, another phenomenon is happening at the same time. There is a scramble for Africa. Suddenly, Africa has become the place where everyone wants to be. The foreign media does all it can to paint pictures of gloom and destruction. When they do not find stories that fit into their mindsets of poverty, hunger, wars and fighting they hardly know what to write but in spite of this, it has not stopped the Nations and global conglomerates all wanting a piece of the African cake.

Things that were unthinkable just a few years ago are now happening on across the continent. A Luxury car brand like Porsche opened a major centre in Lagos the commercial capital of a country that is reputed by separate reports in the Punch Newspaper of Nigeria and FORBES to have the largest private jet market in Africa with wealthy people spending $6.5 billion on the toys in the last 5 years (rivaling only China in the world today). Kenya has witnessed the entry of numerous global brands over the last few years and recently super brands like Pepsi have also come in. All these signify that the Africa that we now live in, is a different Africa from what used to be. The Africa of before was a struggling, intimidated Africa that did not know its left from its right but the Africa of today is emerging into a global giant and a player with a voice of its own.

Yes, there is corruption and yes there is insecurity and yes we know that we have issues but we are facing up to our issues and dealing with them in our own way and it seems to be working. The greatest and most recent sign that indeed we are coming of age was the Kenyan election of 2013. The international media had predicted a literally implosion of Kenya. Not only did we not see that but we saw the unthinkable. We saw supporters of different political parties hugging and embracing and dancing together. Even the so called advanced democracies have not advanced to that level yet.

The world knew about long distance running for years and then Kenya stepped into the arena, redefined it and dominated it. The world knew about mobile phones as instruments of communication for years and then Kenya stepped in redefined it and turned it into a mobile bank for all. The world has known about elections for years. If we get it right politically this time around we may be on our way to birthing a democratic process that will become the benchmark for other nations. As a Nation, we have what it takes and this is the time.

Whatever you do, do not separate yourself from this peculiar grace that abides on the African continent today. It is our time. The curtain has now been drawn. It’s time to fly. Innovators, inventors, Entrepreneurs, thinkers… it’s time to roll up our sleeves and build. The foundation stone has been laid to build one of the world’s great economies in the history of the World. Don’t be a spectator. Be an active participant. Whatever you do, do something. You are important and your contribution is important.


By Juddy Wanjiru

The mighty Bird: My reflections on Rwandair

It is not often that Kellz would think of writing about a plane. It is not a very intriguing subject matter, to be honest. The metal and mostly horrible customer service in most flights is never the most memorable of experiences. Some of us just fly out of sheer obligation to the aviation regulations; if it were up to me, I would pay to sprout wings, check my luggage into the clouds, carry my own meal and fly to my destination… heh hee ee… It was all a dream.

BUT Rwandair…

I had never flown with this airline until recently as I headed for a business engagement in Uganda. It was such a blessing (All things work out for good I tell ya)…that other flights had discontinued routes to Uganda; if not, I am almost sure that my client would have plopped me on a different airline.

To get to UG from TZ, I had to fly through Kigali and the same had to happen as I was flying back to TZ. The flight to UG was…drum roll, please…. ON TIME. Not a
minute late. From the check in counter to boarding, the team was on point. To be honest, I kinda missed this flight even I had already checked in and was in the waiting lounge (if you wanna call it that) chatting away with an old colleague and new acquaintance about the horrible strategies followed by some telecoms in EA (which shall remain unnamed). In the heat of the conversation, I didn’t hear them call my name. The clock tickerwandair-crew-wb-2d away and everyone boarded but me. But the Rwandair team would not allow it. A passenger miss a flight? NO WAY! Off they came in search for me; passing table by table, chair by chair calling out my name. They found me. Quickly I was rushed to the plane. Honestly, I was expecting bad looks from the crew. They all smiled as they welcomed me on board. As if they were ACTUALLY excited that I had arrived and was flying with them. Lovely, I thought.

Then, touchdown Kigali after a rather pleasant flight. Do you know that they ACTUALLY serve food on board? Like, not those bad airplane snacks that you daunt but only eat cause you are hungry or feeling greedy. I had a hot samosa and some other meaty snacks as I sipped on INYANGE juices made in Rwanda.

Wait! Where was I? Oh yeah! So we landed. I am not sure what I was expecting but the airport was nice and pleasant. They EVEN had a charging station. Like LITERALLY! Glee moment for my empty techno phone battery.

The airport waiting area was a bit crowded and could really do with some organization in those chair arrangement but was not unpleasant none the less. The remaining flight to UG was good too. I thought the pilots landed the planes with beautiful precision and grace.

Now the pilot on the trip BACK to TZ was on another level. First, I must comment on the plane. Wow! What a bird. Beautiful seating in both business and economy class. The economy seats were actually really comfy…unlike…..shall remain unnamed lest they ban me as a passenger (this is Africa)

The pilot gracefully drove that big bird W451 to the runway. He majestically placed her in position. Felt like we were cruising already. Then he posed. There the bird beamed in the sunlight, wings spread out and on the ready. Out of my window, the Rwandair logo majestically shone in the sun. Wings spread and ready to tear through the clouds. Here we sat and wait
ed. Then we were off, the pilot marvelously taxed that baby off as I held my breath with excitement as his skill…Ready, set, fly…and we were off. Up and away, she rose. Wings in the air, nose tearing through discouragement, naysayers, corruption, doubt and years injured by genocide. Up she tore into the clouds with a hope and zeal for the future. As that baby swam into the sky, all I could see was Africa’s Kingly past meet a majestic future. What a momimg_20161219_140104ent!

My heart exploded in my chest as hope burst into wild celebration from the éclairs of my heart. I felt every cell in my being rejoice for my brothers and sisters in beautiful Rwanda. I celebrate you! Set the way! Fly us into greatness. As you tax off, so do we! We are one. One people, one big nation, Inzozi Africa.

I FLEW THE DREAM OF AFRICA. Try it on your next trip. Fly Rwandair. Let me know what you think.

Until next time, Inzozi Africa.

Apply for the Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund

The first round of the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund is now open for applications from start-ups in Africa and selected Asian countries

What do we offer?

Successful start-ups will receive:

  • Funding: grants between GBP 100,000 and GBP 250,000
  • Mobile-focused mentoring and bespoke technical assistance
  • Opportunities to build partnerships with mobile operators in relevant markets

Who is eligible to apply in this round?

  • Applicants must use mobile technology and be aligned with one of our focus areas:
    Sharing Economy
    Mobile services for SMEs
  • Funding must be used for a specific project where socio-economic impact is expected to be realised. Examples include: job creation, new opportunities for entrepreneurs and youth or the growth of formal and informal SMEs. The duration of the project must be between 12 and 18 months
  • Applicants must provide a matching of at least 50% of the amount of funding requested
  • Applicants must have already demonstrated success by launching a product or service and reaching active users in at least one market

How to apply

  • Review the full requirements before applying here
  • A list of the questions is also available here
  • Submit your Pitch before 18th September 2016 11.59pm GMT


If you have any additional questions about the Fund or the application process, please contact our Fund Manager at


Apply for the Road to Nairobi 2016 for Youth Entrepreneurs!

Are you a young entrepreneur who is making waves in your industry? Are you a leader and changemaker in your community? Are you in need of mentorship and support to take your enterprise to new heights? Apply for the Road to Nairobi 2016 for Youth Entrepreneurs! Select entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their venture to CEOs from all over the world, join The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community and so much more.
Supported by Building Bridges Foundation, ‘The Road to Nairobi 2016′ project will e foster youth empowerment and employment in 8 African countries (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya). Road to Nairobi bus tour begins in South Africa and road-to-nairobi.pngends in Kenya over 100 days period. In each country, the country team and the core team will tour the country for 10 days, meeting 10 pre-selected youth entrepreneurs from across the country, on the ground and discussing some of the challenges they have faced as youth entrepreneurs in the business environment in their country as well as some enabling factors.
In order to apply you need to match the following criteria:
You must be between 15 and 35 years old.
You must be a national or a resident of the following African countries:South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda.
Your business must be up and running.
The Road to Nairobi 2016 project is not for great ideas or business plans – you must have already started and be able to prove it!
Your business, invention, or social project can be in any field or industry (science and technology, industry, agriculture, water, etc.).
Individuals who apply must be one of the founding members of the business.
Upon being selected as participant of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project the youth entrepreneur will gain the following benefits: 
Have their story and enterprise covered in a book called “Young African Entrepreneurs”. The book will be published in early 2017.
Present at the multi-stakeholder event in your country of residence that brings together young entrepreneurs, policymakers and other government officials, successful members of the private sector, and UN entities.
Stand a chance to be chosen as one of the five entrepreneurs to present their venture to policymakers and CEO’s from all over the world during the 2nd High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Executive Development Cooperation in Nairobi.
Have the opportunity to join the Global Shaper Community of the World Economic Forum in your city / country of residence.
Have the opportunity to link with stakeholders who will have access to mentorship and funding opportunities.
Please complete and submit online application
Country Specific Deadlines:
Tanzania (Deadline: 28th July)
Kenya (Deadline: 28th July)
Uganda (Deadline: 18th August)
Rwanda (Deadline: 18th August)
From the DAP team: Do let us know should you get in :). We wish you all the best. Remember to share the opportunity with others.

Apply: YALI RLC East Africa Cohort 8 & 9 (Fully Funded)

Take your interest in leadership to the next level! The YALI Regional Leadership Center (RLC) East Africa (based in Nairobi) is now accepting applications for Cohorts 8 and 9. The cohorts will take place May 30 – August 19, 2016 and July 4 – September 23, 2016, respectively, and the deadline for applications is Monday, March 21, 17:00 EAT.

For more information or to submit an application, please go to: and click on Apply Now. You will be directed to a platform where you will first need to register yourself as a user. Once you complete a profile, you will receive an email confirming your registration and then you will be able to proceed to login and start completing the application. The application system will allow you to login and logout of your account as you complete the application. After you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation to the email you used for registration. The application process is competitive, and if selected for an interview, you will be notified via email.

What is the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa?
The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by President of the United States Barack Obama, as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, is an opportunity for young African leaders to engage in innovative leadership training across three tracks of study:

• Business and Entrepreneurship
• Civic Leadership
• Public Management

The 12-week course includes three weeks residential learning on-site at the Center at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, eight weeks of virtual distance learning via technology from home countries, and a final capstone week on-site at the Center in Nairobi.

The RLC in East Africa serves participants from 14 countries: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic.

For those selected to participate, there is no cost. All travel, materials, lodging for the residential program, etc. are funded through the Center by our generous partners including USAID and the MasterCard Foundation. All personal incidentals such as passport fees, supplementary meals, entertainment, etc. will be at the expense of the participant. The YALI RLC East Africa is managed by Deloitte, supported by a consortium of local and international partners, and hosted by Kenyatta University.

Please note that the first three weeks of the program and the final 12th week are residential (based on campus in Nairobi) and require a commitment to attend all sessions.
We hope to see your application!

Good luck 😀